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1 August 2018

About Me

 About Me:- 

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Hello everyone,
    Myself pritee kadam.I am a housewife.I love food so much not only to eat but for making and sharing to other's also.
I always trie's different different recipes everyday.My son also demand's different menus for meal.so I always experiment in my kitchen.It's so exiciting no.
    Food is very exciting word for me.Whenever I saw any chef or any food blog I get very excited.I want to become like that.
    From childhood I am so much inspired by this food word.I started my this journy (about food)from 4 year's old.That time my first experiment was of making tea.It was so funny experiment.
I made tea in which I put 1 bowl of tea powder in that tea that was so much funny experiment.After that my second attemp is on chapati which I made is so nice. That time every day I argue with my mother to do it to me.
    From those days my journy of making food recipes is going on onward's.
    Now I am a much better cook.I try different recipes which I sawed, and tasted at anywhere. every day, I go to my kitchen and start's experimenting.
    Now I have so much recipes.So I decided why can't I share it with you.This way I started my second journy of writing about food recipes.

  About This blog:-

         This blog is about all veg food recipes.In this blog I share different veg recipes which are not only tasty but also healthy too.
         Now a days everyone is so conscious about health so no one want to eat unhealthy or junk food every one want's healthy food.But how can we stop our craving of eating pizza burger and all junk foods.
so don't worry friend's I am not excluding these recipes I also share these recipes also but I incliude healthy version of these recipes.so you can also enjoy your cravings of junk food yes it is possible.
so lets start it. 
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