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14 March 2019

Indian cuisine is among the Top 10 popular cuisines in the world.

Indian cuisine is among the Top 10 popular cuisines in the world.

can you know Indian cuisine stands out at ninth position in the best cuisine in the world?
yes, you are heard correct. its good news for all foodies in India.
why only for foodies, it's very good news for all Indian.

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Some food for thought, for sure! Indian cuisine is among the Top 10 popular cuisines in the world, 
standing at number nine, with an average popularity score of 62 percent across 24 countries.

However, when it comes to preferences, 93 percent of Indians like their own cuisines. 
The Indians also have a palate for Italian (80 percent), Chinese (77 percent) and American cuisines (75 percent). But the Indians have a lower tolerance for Norwegian, Filipino, Finnish and Peruvian cuisines.
 This was revealed by a recent survey conducted by YouGov, the UK-based internet-based market research 
and data analytics firm that has operations in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.
The survey was conducted among more than 25,000 people
 in 24 countries about their cuisine preferences.
In this survey Italian cuisine ranks at the 1st number. most of the people in the world love Italian cuisine.
  Not surprisingly, the biggest fans of Italian food are the Italians themselves, with 
99 percent enjoying their national cuisine. The other big fans of Italian cuisines include
 the Spaniards (94 percent of those who have tried it say they like it) and the French 
(92 percent), while the least impressed by Italian food are the Chinese (59 percent).

     The world’s third most popular cuisine is Japanese, scoring an average of 71 percent across the 24 nations.

At the bottom of the table comes Peruvian cuisine, which received an average score of only 32 percent. 
With almost same percentage score, Finnish cuisine comes just below Peruvian cuisine.
       When it comes to Indian cuisines, although 77 percent Singaporeans and 70 percent Malaysians like Indian cuisine,
 the rest of South East Asia has a lower preference for our dishes. In Indonesia, 49 percent and in Vietnam 44 percent of those who have tasted Indian food claimed to like it.
            let's talk about Indian cuisine, as we all very well know that India has diversity in its culture, foods, languages, cuisine and much more as changes according to the habitations.
   In India, South Indian food is most popular amongst all cuisine in Indan.
we saw lots and lots of dishes in India. our food dishes are not only tasty but they are made healthy by considered health in mind.
as India is a farm dominant country so that it has an opportunity to create lots of dishes to it.
  Indian spices are also so popular. India is a hub of spices because we Indian loves spicy food so much.

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