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10 April 2019

Which is better brown rice or white rice | Benefits of Brown Rice

Which is better brown rice or white rice | Benefits of Brown Rice

Image of brown rice  and white rice

Brown rice is basic form of rice.

Image of brown rice

it is unpolished rice, where as White Rice is polished rice.

Image of white rice

that's why brown rice have all its nutrients as it is, where as in white rice it is polished rice means they goes under lots of processing into the factory before came in the market. because of processing, they looses lots of nutrients which are beneficial to human.
and finally white rice are in simple carbohydrates form.

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because of processing all its important nutrients and minerals were released from it like protein, fibre, B complex, phosphorus.
eating white rice daily increases fat in our body where as eating brown rice did not do this.
that's why brown rice are more nutritional than white rice.

nutrients present in brown rice are as follows:

in brown rice magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, vitamin B, lots of dietary fibres these nutrients are present.

let's see the health benefits of brown rice:

if you are diabetic or sugar patient then you must have to eat brown rice.
because glycemic index of brown rice is very low which stabilizes the sugar level of
Blood or blood sugar level.
brown rice have Complex carbohydrates which releases sugar very slowly as compare to white rice. because of this sugar level will not be get increased.
brown rice have magnesium which is very important to keep our bones healthy and strong. that's why if children will eat the brown rice instead of white rice their Heights increases very fast as well as their bones also becomes stronger.
if adults eat these brown rice, then they have less chances to have Arthritis or osteoporosis.
brown rice have fibre and potassium both of which lowers the sodium level in our body because of this you will be prevented from high blood pressure and you will be protected from lots of heart diseases.
brown rice also keeps your cholesterol level low.
brown rice have magnise which cuts your belly fat.
Selenium and other antioxidants present in brown rice prevents us or protect us from breast cancer or colon cancer.
brown rice also helps in digestion. because of this you will protect yourself from constipation.
brown rice also smooths our nervous system functioning as well as our brain functioning.
Vitamin B and essential minerals present in brown rice increases the metabolism of our brain that's why we keeps away from lots of brain diseases by eating brown rice.

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1. Brown Rice has very low glycemic Index which is very good for diabetic patients.
2. It lowers high Blood pressure and cholesterol.
3. Brown Rice strengths bones.
4. Fiber present in brown rice helps to loose weight very fast.
5. It reduces depression and stress.
6. It improves brain and nerves functioning.
7. Brown Rice is very good for healthy skin and stronger hairs.
8. Brown Rice increases overall immunity of body.

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