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24 April 2019

Malai Kulfi Recipe

              Malai Kulfi Recipe

              In summer all are like to eat cool foods like malai kulfi, ice-cream, sugarcane juice, fruit juice etc.
Today we are making malai kulfi which we made by milk by adding some ingredients in it. 

Image of malai kulfi

We are making this kulfi by adding parle biscuits in it.
So let's see how to make it.

See the video for how to make it on YouTube channel 


milk 1 litre, 
milk powder 1 cup,
Sugar or chini 1 and 1/2 cup,
pistachio 3 tbsps,
almonds 3 tbsps, 
cardamom powder 2 tsps, 
parle biscuits 10,


1. take 1 liter milk in a bowl.
2. switch on the gas flame.
3. stir the milk.
4. grind the parle biscuits in grinder.
5. add 1 cup sugar and mlik powder in the milk and stir it continuously.
6. add buiscuits powder in a milk and mix it well. you can also add cold milk in the biscuits powder and mix it well and then add this in to the milk and mix it well by stiring milk continuously.
7. In other side put one pan on flame and add 1/2 cup sugar in that pan.
8. make sugar Carmel of this sugar and put this sugar Carmel in the edges of the kulfi mould.
9. Now add almonds and pistachio pieces and elichi or cardamom powder in milk and mix it well.
10. stir it for few minutes and switch off the flame of gas.
11. put the remaining caramel in the milk and mix it well.
12. Now pour this milk in to the kulfi moulds and put caps of mould on it.
13. put this mould in deep freezer for overnight or for minimum 8 hours to set kulfi.
14. after 8 hours take it outside and demould it.
15. enjoy your summer treat.
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